Global Register of Nonprofit Data Sources

Global Register of Nonprofit Data Sources

The Global Register of Nonprofit Data Sources (GRNDS) is an open register of official data collected about national non-profit sectors around the world - for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers.


Cataloguing the metadata schemas of every national nonprofit regulator worldwide

GRNDS lists and describes the official national data sources on nonprofits and charities worldwide - such as tax returns and annual filings. The fields and information in these data sources form an “official” metadata schema to describe nonprofits and charities in those countries. When available, this information is a valuable tool for policy-makers, researchers, and nonprofit practitioners.



GRNDS is a collaborative initiative led by Ajah and Dr. Elizabeth Bloodgood (Concordia University).

Ajah is a Canadian-based tech company that leverages open data to builds tools and services for the nonprofit sector. They created Powered by Data in 2013 to help the nonprofit sector build open, shared data infrastructure through research, policy, and open government. Learn more

Dr. Elizabeth Bloodgood focuses on the emergence and influence of international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) and the political power of expertise. Learn more


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